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The Story of Hip Flips

When I moved from Texas to Santa Monica in the late 1980’s, I packed everything I could possibly fit into my White Volkswagen convertible, and drove across the country. When I arrived, I realized I had forgotten to pack my flipflops.

Since I couldn’t possibly live on the beach without a pair of flipflops, I ran out to get a pair. Although it is hard to believe now, no one had any flipflops!!

I stopped in every pharmacy, shoe store and surf shop from Malibu to Palos Verdes.

I finally found a street vendor in downtown Los Angeles who told me that he could get me a pair of Zories if I came back the next day. I purchased all the flipflops he had in my size because when you live at the beach nothing can replace a great pair of flipflops. It’s the next best thing to being barefoot!

In early 2000, an innovative company started making super-cute rubber flipflops. They had fun designs and bright colors. I bought several pair and gave them to my friends as gifts. From that point on flipflops were back! Now you can find them everywhere!

In 2006, one of my friend’s daughters had pledged a Sorority and I decided to get her a cute, fun pair of Sorority flipflops. There weren’t any! I was so surprised! I looked off & on for a couple of years, and still couldn’t find any cute Sorority flipflops. Being a flipflop aficionado, I decided the world couldn’t live any longer without super-cute, fun, colorful Sorority and University flipflops, and hip flips were born.

When we decided to make our flipflops, everyone had ideas and wanted to give us advice. When we said we wanted to put the designs on the top of the sole we heard “but then you can’t see it”…. We said “Exactly. That’s the whole idea”. Our flipflops are designed in the official colors of each Sorority, Fraternity and University. We purposely designed hip flips to be subtle, cute, comfortable and fun! When on your feet they look like a classic flipflop, but as you walk you get a glimpse of your Greek Affiliation or University.

We like to say that hip flips are a “whimsical way to make a statement”. They go with shorts, skirts, maxis, sundresses, jeans, and swimsuits. hip flips are a comfortable alternative when walking across campus to your classes, riding bikes, or just running around when it’s hot in the summer. There are no laces to tie or straps to buckle. They are easy to just slip-on and go.

Many flipflop lovers spend a great deal of time in high-heels and use flipflops as their comfortable in-between salvation . Whether a pledge or an executive, dancing all night in your Blaniks or Jimmy Choos or just stopping off for a pedicure you always keep a pair of flipflops with you – just in case.

Our classic hip flips are made with 100% rubber soles for comfort and durability.

We have added a “Signature” line, which includes our Original “Peace” flipflops and some new designs that everyone can wear. We donate a portion of our proceeds to “The Wounded Warrior” project because we believe in giving back and helping those who serve our country!

As our company has grown, we have also added No Paparazzi Apparel. We have had a fabulous response and continually add new designs.

We hope you will find hip flips to be a great addition to your flipflops collection. After all, you can never have too many pairs of flipflops!

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